Every end of the school year is a commencement exercise which provides a picture of fulfillment and success, accomplishment and triumph, and perseverance and hard work of the young learners. Correspondingly, this is a moment for parents and teachers to celebrate the victory of their children for completing another ladder of education.

This year, the implementation of the K to 12 Program of the Basic Education Curriculum envisions every learner to be skilled, innovative and confidently determined to face the challenges in life. Not everyone maybe happy about what the new curriculum brings, but one thing for sure, the program leads you to best opportunities that help you shape your destinies.

I congratulate you learners for braving the challenges of the Basic Education Program. I can see in your faces the hope of a better future as you are already armed with skills, creativity and knowledge, all made possible through your teachers, school heads and stakeholders whose partnership provided you opportunities in all levels to sharpen your mind and make you learn in an enabling and supportive environment.  The theme, K to 12 Basic Education Program as a transformative vehicle for local and national development speaks about how you are trained, nurtured and developed where your talents and competencies have been harnessed to make you one great asset of the country.

As you continue to walk on the road that leads to your dreams, face every challenge that comes along and learn from your experiences, Be determined to reach that direction and continue to persevere. Have faith and believe in yourself that you can.

Congratulations and I look forward for your continued success.



Regional Director

Download the official Graduation Message here.