By: Darvy C. Daguimol

Administrative Assistant III


Department of Education’s Provident Fund was created pursuant to Administrative Order No 279 series of 1992.

It provided DepED officials and employees with benefits and loans for emergency needs; for their education and that of their children; for their hospitalization and that of their immediate dependencies; for minor but immediate needed repair of their houses; and for other similar purposes to be determined by the board.

The beneficiaries of this Fund are the teachers, as defined in the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers, and the administrative support staff also called the non-teaching staff, of the Central Office, the Regional Offices and other field of offices of the Department.

To apply for the said loan, employees are to prepare a letter of intent stating, among others, the specific purpose for which the loan will be used, including the appropriate supporting documents. Filled up Provident Fund Application forms three (3) copies, and a copy of latest payslip with a net take home pay able to accommodate the supposed monthly amortization of the loan  applied.

As of June 30, 2016, attached are the Financial Statements for reference.