LIS NOTICE ( August 19, 2014)

Please be reminded that we have two sets of data in LIS.

The 1st set is the BoSY enrollment reflecting enrolmment from June 2 to June 6. Current data issues being addressed by LIS is a part of data housekeeping. For schools that have instances of duplicate LRNs and invalid date of birth, the names of learners whose data need to be corrected are listed in the school LIS dashboard . The school head/ICT admin will perform the following housekeeping:

A. INVALID DATE OF BIRTH (age out of range).
REQUIRED ACTION: Correction of date of birth and dont forget to click the update button (if the learner is in fact an overage, just click update button)

REQURIED ACTION: 1. Report to the division office
2. Division office will consolidate report from schools then
email to

C. Updating/correction of enrollment tagging (Balik Aral, ALIVE, Repeater, CCT) is now available.

D. For data that need correction such as name of learner, gender, and grade level, the school head should prepare report with request for correction to the SDS. Once approved, the SDS will ask the endorsement of the office of the regional director for submission to the office of the chief of staff, assistant secretary Reynaldo D. Laguda. This procedure is also required for requesting additional/deleting learner registration of the school BOSY enrollment.

The 2nd set of enrollment data is for learners who entered school beyond cut off or those late enrollees. The following functionalities are now available:
A. Registration of new record
B. Updating of basic information for existing records
C. For registration of learner with more than one LRNs existing in the database, the system will prompt the school to report this transaction to the division planning unit for consolidation then email to (This learner record has data issues. Please contact the LIS helpdesk through or LIS Facebook page and provide all necessary information about this learner and its enrolment for SY 2014-2015.)

Please take note of this important reminder: transferred in/out learner must not be unenrolled. Wait for the tracking facility in LIS and movement of learner to other section.

Maraming salamat po. –LIS Help Desk