by: Jojie L. Arias

Improving the system on leave administration of the Department of Education, Division of Bukidnon is of prime importance considering the volume of Application for Leave (CSC Form 6) it usually process in its day-to-day operation. Apparently, the Division recognizes the role of the Leave Section Staff as front-liners in enabling this improvement by strengthening their capabilities accompanied by the provision of support mechanisms in its day-to-day operation.

As an initial move, the Division sent the Leave Section Staff namely, Jojie L. Arias, Ramon Vincent Torres, James Adolf Torres and Ritchel Luminton to the Seminar-Workshop on the Appreciation of Leave Benefits on April 7 to 8, 2015 at De Luxe Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City. Most of the participants came from the different national agencies, state universities and colleges, and local government units in Region 10.

The objective of this seminar-workshop are to ensure a uniform and clear interpretation and implementation of the grant of leave privileges, improve day-to-day operation, and deliver quality services to the teaching and non-teaching employees of the Division.

Resource speakers from the CSC Regional Office No. 10 comprehensively discussed the following topics: government office hours, record of attendance, falsification of irregularities in the keeping of time records, flexible working hours, policy on tardiness, policy on undertime, policy on absenteeism, policy on half-day absence, compensatory time-off, rendition of overtime services, dropping from the rolls, gate pass and pass slip, general types of leaves, different types of leave privileges, and disciplinary sanctions in case of violations to the leave laws.

The seminar-workshop provided the participants’ substantial information on the afore-cited topics supplemented with the latest issuances and guidelines and actual examples and experiences. It provided them unified interpretation and enhanced understanding on the salient provisions of the Leave Law.  Most importantly, it provided them concrete inputs on what to do and how to improve the leave processing system such as enhancing Leave Information System, updating leave records, revising the checklist, among others. Thus, strengthening the capability of the front-liners employees, sustaining support of the Division’s key officials and employees in enabling functional mechanisms, and their positive cooperation will contribute to an improved leave processing system. This in turn enhances appreciation on the leave benefits in the government service.