by: Sunny Ray F. Amit

The School Year 2015-2016 has begun on June 1, 2015.   While some teachers are as jubilant as the incoming freshmen, grade one and kindergarten, others are not.  In particular, the elementary and secondary teachers teaching the majority if not all the subject areas of the grade level they are handling will be facing tumultuous scenarios in the school.  The lesson plans, instructional and evaluation materials to be prepared not to mention the non-teaching tasks assigned to them.  In response to this situation, Mr. Sunny Ray F. Amit of DepED Bukidnon designed for all elementary and junior high school teachers the E-Class Grading System (ECGS) application software.

This software is intended to assist the teachers and the school heads keep a real-time tracking of the learning progress of the learners in terms of their recorded performance in Written Works, Performance Tasks and Quarterly Assessment in all the subject areas of the grade level (DepED Order No. 8, s. 2015).   Through this software, the teachers and the school heads can keep at pace with the demand to report the learners’ learning progress to the parents or guardians, while attending to their other relevant functions in the school and the community.

The ECGS can operate in any version of the Microsoft Office Access.  It was designed to record the scores, test items, compute the percentages, initial and final grades of the students’ assessment in their written works, performance tasks and quarterly assessments for all subject areas.  Provided that the adviser or subject teacher will regularly evaluate the students and enter their scores and the test items into the ECGS, the school can have real time access to the learning progress of the students.

For schools with at least one computer set, the ECGS can be installed in that computer to serve all the teachers.  Teachers with limited experience in computer use may seek the assistance of computer-experienced teachers of that school.  The ECGS can be downloaded at For more information, you may text or call at 09277176016 or email at