By: Amelia L. Tortola

Education Program Supervisor

 Division Senior High School Coordinator

The Division of Bukidnon  gathered 135 participants to join in the one-day  Orientation Cum Training Workshop on the Senior High School-Qualitative Evaluation of Application Documents at Loizas Pavillion,  July 7, 2015.  The participants were school heads and school administrators coming from public and private secondary schools of the different municipalities of the Province of  Bukidnon , Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS) and Education Program Supervisors (EPS). San Isidro College of Malaybalay City Bukidnon also sent three (3) personnel to the activity.

                With the inspirational message expressed by Dr. Elbert R. Francisco, the group got enthusiastic to participate and learn the documentary requirements for Senior High School (SHS) application.

                The activity aimed at orienting all the participants on the Guidelines on the Implementation of the Senior High School Program for Non-DepED Schools. Private Secondary School Administrators were trained on the   different documents to prepare and its contents to include. Public Schools District Supervisors and Education Program Supervisors were also familiarized on how to screen, evaluate, and inspect documents.

A one- on-one workshop reinforced the knowledge and skills of the PSDSs and EPSs in the conduct of evaluation process which includes (1) screening of the completeness of the submitted documentary requirements, (2) evaluation of the supporting documents, (3) inspection/on-site validation of the compliance to the standards on curriculum and instruction and learning environment (4) recommendation for the issuance to operate to compliant schools to the Regional Office. The activity also intended to help Non- DepED schools to acquire the Provisional Permit needed to operate SHS in SY 2015-2016.

                Mrs. Amelia L. Tortola, Education Program Supervisor and Division Senior High School Coordinator emphasized that each school shall reflect the specific track/strand/specialization to offer in the letter of intent and in the Notarized Board Resolution. If the school is compliant with all the curriculum requirements, the SHS District Quality Assurance Team (DQAT) shall proceed to the on-site inspection/validation.  If the school lacks some curriculum requirements, the DQAT communicates to the school the deficiencies for compliance, she added.

                She further explained that during the on-site validation stage, the DQAT shall ensure that all curriculum requirements are complied with as stipulated in the SHS Requirements Checklist and the Physical Facilities Manual for Category D. The Division and Regional Office Quality Assurance Inspection Team (QAD-IT) shall conduct the on-site validation of existing physical facilities, equipment and staff complements (teaching and non-teaching personnel) of the school-applicant.

                The healthy attendance added inspiration to the Office to continue its pursuit to Senior High School Program. As the activity ended, the participants together shouted a yell, TAYO PARA SA EDUKASYON.”