September 19, 2022 – Confidential expenses are allowed for all civilian offices, including the Department of Education. This has solid legal basis as provided under DBM Joint Circular 2015-01.

The threats to the learning environment, safety, and security of DepEd personnel are interlocking with the mandate of support to the national security of civilian offices.

Sexual abuse and all other forms of violence, graft, and corruption; involvement in illegal drugs of learners and personnel; recruitment to insurgency, terrorism, and violent extremism; child labor; child pornography; and recruitment to criminal activities, gangsterism, and financial and other scams, are just some of the pressing issues, which by their nature of being unlawful, need the support of surveillance and intelligence gathering to ensure that projects of DepEd are target-specific and will result in the broader protection of our personnel and learners.

We hope that this will enlighten our stakeholders that DepEd does not only face problems with access, equity, and quality education but also has to contend with pressing issues on safety and security.

Thank you.