16 January 2024 – The Department of Education (DepEd) issues this statement in relation to the Grade 11 learners currently enrolled in State Universities and Colleges (SUC) and Local Universities and Colleges (LUC).

Prior to the start of the current school year, DepEd Order No. 20 s. 2023 was issued stating that there should be no more Grade 11 voucher beneficiaries from SUCs and LUCs for SY 2023-2024.

Despite this issuance, however, our records show that several SUCs and LUCs still accepted Grade 11 learners for the current school year.

To prevent any displacement of learners, the DepEd would like to announce that the Senior High School Voucher Program (SHSVP) will again be extended to Grade 11 learners currently enrolled in SUCs and LUCs for SY 2023-2024. Subsequently, they may also continue on as voucher beneficiaries to complete their Grade 12 studies come SY 2024-2025.

DepEd will be executing a Memorandum of Agreement with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to formalize the arrangement.

Finally, to avoid a similar situation going forward, we would like to remind our SUCs and LUCs that DepEd will no longer be extending the SHSVP to Grade 11 learners in their schools beginning SY 2024-2025. Hence, the acceptance of new Senior High School learners by SUCs and LUCs shall only be made in accordance with their charters and charged to their respective funds.

Thank you.